School and Residential Facility for Students with Special Needs

Mission StatementNortheast Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educational Services (NEW BOCES) is an educational cooperative established in 1979.  It was organized under the provisions of Wyoming Statute 21-20-101 to 21-20-111 which established a method for school districts to work together to provide educational services.

NEW BOCES is a governmental agency overseen by a board of directors selected by member school districts.  While serving the needs of special children has always been the main mission of NEW BOCES, services have been expanded to include regular education and administrative roles.

In 1982 the Powder River Basin Children’s Center opened the doors of its school and residential facility.  The Center was designed to accommodate both day students and students in residence.  The school is fully accredited by the Wyoming Department of Education and offers a complete array of special education programs for students age 5 to 21.  The residential program is certified by the Department of Family Services.

Programs and services are developed by staff and parents to meet the particular needs of each child.  We strive for an open and friendly atmosphere in which children are challenged to be the best that they can be.

WYO. STAT. ANN. §16-1-103. Definitions

(a) As used in this act:

(i) “Agencies” means Wyoming counties, municipal corporations, school districts, community college districts, the joint business council of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Indian tribes, the business council of the Eastern Shoshone Indian tribe, the business council of the Northern Arapaho Indian tribe, joint powers boards formed pursuant to this act or special districts specifically involved in providing facilities or functions enumerated in W.S. 16-1-104(c);

(ii) “This act” means W.S. 16-1-102 through 16-1-110.

WYO. STAT. ANN. §16-1-101. Authority to cooperate.     

In exercising, performing or carrying out any power, privilege, authority, duty or function legally vested in any one (1) or more of them by Wyoming law, the state of Wyoming, and any one (1) or more of its counties, municipal corporations, school districts, special districts, public institutions, agencies, boards, commissions and political subdivisions, and any officer or legal representative of any one (1) or more of them, may cooperate with and assist each other, and like entities or authorities of other states, the United States and the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes of the Wind River Reservation.   Cooperation may be informal or subject to resolution, ordinance or other appropriate action, and may be embodied in a written agreement specifying purposes, duration, means of financing, methods of operations, termination, acquisition and disposition of property, employment of executive and subordinate agents and other appropriate provisions.